Why not make it Super Single?

Emerson Single Bed  / Super Single Bed


There are more and more parents who are buying super single beds as opposed to a single bed for their young kids as they realized the advantages of having one. If your bedroom can afford that size, why not give your child the luxury of space?

The illustrated comparison below shows the difference in the sizes of a single and super single mattress placed side by side.


single vs super single

Mattress Sizes – Single vs Super Single


Just a mere upgrade of 16cm (or 6 inches) from a single to a super single bed makes quite alot of difference visually. Can you imagine the physically spatial difference if you were actually on the bed? This additional space does make a marked difference in terms of comfort not only for your kid, but for the both of you, especially during days when you need to ‘sleep over’ with your child to ease their ‘night terror’ episodes or when you are reading a bed-time story/singing a lullaby. She will also appreciate the bigger space when she has to share it with her ‘furry’ friends, be it stuffed animals or real ones.

Another good reason to start off with a bigger single bed is because your child will continue to grow and fill the bed. This is so true for boys growing to man… and we know how fast they grow during their adolescent days. Starting off with a bigger bed saves you the hassle to throw out the old and bring in the new. What’s more, it saves you some time and dime.

From the time they are 4 or 5 years old, through to their teenage years, is a good 12-14 years. In order to make sure you get a good quality bed that can last that long, here are some pointers for your reference.

  1. The bed frame must be made of solid wood and the supporting structure has to be sturdy too.
  2. This will ensure that the bed frame doesn’t give way after years of use.
  3. The design and colour should be classic that can last through the ages.
  4. Find a reputable company that specialises in children’s furniture who is able to give proper advise.
  5. Beds that pass safety tests give a better assurance of longer life span. Ask your retailer if their beds are of test standards.



Our bed frames definitely has all of the above pointers checked. We’d love for you to drop by for a some advice if you think a super single bed is right for your needs. And we are running a special promo for super single beds and bunk beds this GSS! Come visit us!




Mattress Size Matters….Really, It Matters


Parents, we have very good reasons to show you this, before you move off to another article.

How many of you have made the mistake of buying a mattress for your kid that is not of a standard local size, only to find that the mattress didn’t fit your bed frame or that you can’t find a suitable fitted bedding? Don’t laugh it off just yet, because our many years of dealing with customers tell us this happens more often than you thought possible! Many parents come to us for help after facing the consequences.

So you may ask, shouldn’t there be a standard local size sold in Singapore? This is only half the story especially concerning children’s mattress. For some reasons, distributors, wholesalers and retailers also bring a variety of sizes such as European and US sizes to suit the needs of different parents especially expat parents who brought their kid’s furniture along. If you are not careful, you may end up buying something that didn’t suit your need in the first place.

There are a few reasons why parents would end up getting a wrong mattress (or bed) size

  1. Sales person selling the mattress together with the bed frame that is not the standard local size (which is not entirely wrong). However this may result in a lack of consideration for availability of suitable bedding and adequacy of bedroom space.
  2. Inexperienced in the area of selecting the right sized mattress and didn’t consider future use of the mattress after the child outgrows the bed frame or style. (That’s why we hope you read this.)
  3. Received passed down non-standard size mattress, only to realize it doesn’t fit existing bed frame or bedding.
  4. Bought from online store without considering required mattress dimensions.

Imagine being equipped with this information can save you some hassle and hard earn cash.


This article is not only for the true blue Singaporeans. Not forgetting expat parents who are living in Singapore, this will also be a good guide to the standard mattress sizes we use here.

We’ve also created a mattress size comparison chart to show the standard local sizes from other parts of the world and Ikea Singapore. This chart will also help you a great deal if you have future intention to move to to another country as you can use it to decide if you wish to pack along your kid’s bedding and leave.

MATTRESS SIZE COMPARISON CHART ( width and length in centimeters)
By Piccolo House

Mattress size table jpegb

* We provide this as a general information source only and we are not responsible for your decision and any inaccuracies.


written by Lavelle Lee 27, 2018

piccolo house

Article contributed by Lavelle Lee from Piccolo House

We all love a good fairy tale that ends with a happily-ever-after, don’t we? The strange thing about fairy tales that we all notice is how dreamy the Princess Bedroom looked and we wished we were that princess. If you used to be a little girl yourself, you would surely know how that feels. Though we may not live a life of a fairy tale now, we can surely create one for the little princess in our house. And the best way to do it is right in her bedroom. Let’s check it out!

We’ve asked the ‘magician’, Piccolo House on how to create a Princess Bedroom from the range of children’s furniture that they have. Psst… Just to give you a heads-up, Piccolo House is a 10-year old Singapore reknown brand offering tried and testing, high-quality kid’s furniture that has just set foot on our soil!

Now let’s ride back to the world of magic and princesses… We’ll show you how you can magically create your very own princess bedroom. By the way, this is a creation by Piccolo House for one of their Princess client. Definitely, a princess room, don’t you think?

piccolo house

First up, here is a simple illustration of the ‘treasures’ you can find in a princess room. Every single furniture and accessory item you see here can be found in Piccolo House.

piccolo house

Needless to say, the centre-piece of every princess room is the bed…. the place where sweet princessy dreams are made of. Piccolo House has a magical formula for their bed frame. They call it the modular bed frame that can transform itself from a single bed to a poster bed or a loft bed, and even bunk bed with a variety of options to add a trundle bed or a storage staircase… that is if you have all the modular components to create that magic.

Warning: You definitely need more than a stroke of the wand!

piccolo house

For princesses who are fixed on a particular princess style, you can go for a non-modular frame. Awww… Just notice how pretty the girly details on their furniture with sweet scallops trimmings and beautiful wooden ribbon headboard piece.

piccolo house

Next up, what’s a princess to do the first thing when she wakes up every morning? Sorry, it’s not to brush her teeth yet, but to adore her beautiful face at her dressing table, and maybe brush her hair too. The GLTC Charlotte Dressing Table & Stool set is the perfect fit for any princess. It comes with a dressing table with little drawers to stash her tiaras and such. Of course, a dressing stool for her highness and an oh-so-sweet heart-shape standing mirror to show off her cute little face.

One of the important part of the day for a princess is to dress up. Here we recommend a GLTC Sweetheart Dressing Up Rail that holds the dress for the day. There are shelves on the top and bottom of the rail to place things such as her school bags, shoes and knick-knacks. Piccolo House also carries a range of girly Chest of Drawers and Wardrobes to complete the wardrobe storage problem of a princess.



We’ve covered the important furniture pieces that make up a princess room. Now we need to give the bedroom a magical touch. So we’ve consulted with our Piccolo House magician yet again for some magical tips. To have a beautiful closure, we will name a few of the things that will bring out the princess ambience in the room.

One of our favourite things is to see a glittery hanging Chandelier light that dazzles and sparkles right from the middle of the room. Bedside tables are friends of frilly lamps, where a princess can retire for the night after reading a fairytale book from another faraway land. Luxurious beddings and grandiose curtains are a MUST to oomph up the ambience of a princess look and feel of the room. How about pasting some wall decals or wallpaper to expand the fullness of a princess room? Create a princess corner for her highness’s own private moment with draping canopy and plush cushions. Or even throw some royal carpets for your princess to roll on,  during days when she isn’t feeling all that prim and proper. Finally don’t forget to label your Princess name in a place that is prominent in her room, to make her feel a true belonging of who she is.

piccolo house

Imagine the exhilarating smile on your princess’ face when she enters her new bedroom? It will help her bring back fond memories for years to come.

Do you have a princess room for your very own special princess? Share it with us in the comments below.

Visit www.piccolo-house.com for your one-stop parenting needs.

Prep Your Kid’s Room for Chinese New Year


We all know that the most difficult room in the house to keep clean and tidy is the kid’s room. With books, toys and colouring materials all lying around, it can be a headache for parents to clean up the mess. We have come up with a 4 step guide to help make things easy for you this CNY.


First things first, clear up the clutter. Get your kids to participate in the process of sorting out toys, books, knick-knacks and such.

As we know, children tend to be possesive over their belongings and often times they are unwilling to lose that possesion. So this involves some coaxing on the part of parents.

Tell them that you want to help find a ‘home’ for his/her belongings and to give away those things that no longer serve a purpose (eg. clothings that are too small), to some other children that need them more this Chinese New Year.

This helps to cultivate a habit of keeping the room neat as your kid will tend to bring items back to ‘its home’. Your child will also learn the meaning of giving, as CNY is a happy occasion of giving and receiving.

Method : Bring along 3 empty bins to sort the items together with your kid into these categories. To keep. To discard. To pass on/donate.

Time Required : 1.5 – 2 hours



We know how having an unclean environment can be detrimental to our kid’s health.

After clearing and sorting all the items in their room, it is time for a thorough clean-up.    There will be hard-to-reach corners that we might have neglected for the whole year while we were doing general cleaning. Places that trap dust are, under the bed, on the ledges of bed frames, inside toy bins and on books shelves. The surfaces of wall skirtings, electrical switches, lamps shades, soft toys and curtains are also areas where dust rest.

Method :

Always start cleaning from top to bottom. If you have a wall mounted book-shelf, start with cleaning that first before moving to table tops and floor storage bins. If you start cleaning from bottom up, there is a chance that the bottom layers that you have cleaned will get dirty as you clean the top layers next.

Remove bed frame and light furniture about half a metre away from the walls, so that you can get to the corners where dust is resting. Begin cleaning the corners of the room and skirtings running along your walls.

Wash dusty bins to the keep toys in a sterile environment. Sterilize toys in hot water to kill all the bateria, germs and to remove dust.

As for dusty soft toys, the best way to clean them is to wash them in the washing machine on gentle cycle . If you have little time for this, the next best thing to do is to use a clean damp cloth to run over the stuffed animal to remove any surface dust and dust mites.

Time Required : 3-4 hours


Now that your kid’s room is cleaned up, it is time to organise things back to where they belong. You can get your kids involved again in this process and ask them to find a new ‘home’ for these items. Make sure that you have sufficient storage bins and shelvings to house each of these items. For additional storage solutions, you can find our Sling Bookcase – Grey Star or the Clifton Toy Organiser. You may also want a dressing up rail to hang your kids new clothings for Chinese New Year. This can also help your children form a habit of preparing things beforehand by bringing out their clothes the night before.



There may be things in your child’s room that requires some freshening up for the New Year. We have a few wonderful suggestions to make your kid’s room the bright and cosy place-to-be.

We all know too well about the dingy beddings and curtains, that need to be replaced. Check out our range of fun beddings for boys and girls.


Kids love drawing on wall… we have no idea why. The headache that your kid’s artistic expression in crayon on walls can be solved simply by sticking our wall decal over, that is after you have cleaned the surface of much colouring residue and allowed it to dry. Wall decals are also a great way to freshen up your child’s room with an accent statement.


You may want to create some cosy corners for the little people that come to play with your kids. You can throw on a floor rug or bean bags that they can sit on. Another fun idea is to set up play tents for them to have their little party in it.


What’s Chinese New Year without some CNY decorations, right? There are always some cute CNY decor decals that you can buy off the shelves in the market. Or why not have fun doing DIY chinese lanterns or dog-shaped lanterns for this year with your kids using some coloured papers? It is a good way to spent some quality time with your kids. They are also easy to make and cost pennies.



Chinese New Year marks the start of a new beginning. Making all things new in your kid’s room can be an exciting start for the year. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to create that wonderful beginning in your child’s life this year.



Is there a hard-and-fast age that a toddler has to vacate from his crib? Are we going to put him in a toddler bed, sleeping together with parent in the parents’ bed or put him in a standard single size bed? These are common questions asked by many first-timer parents.

There are few clear signs that it’s time to change your baby from a crib to a bed, when he starts climbing or attempts to climb out of the crib and when he asks for a bigger bed. Most parents move their child from a crib to a bed when they are one and half to three years old because this is the time he starts to get too active to sleep in a crib anymore.

How to decide between a toddler bed or a standard single bed to suit your family needs?  Here’re some tips for you.

A) Is the child going to sleep in the same room with the parents or to start training him sleeping independently in his own room? Most parents feel that the child is not ready to sleep on his own and he still require their presence in the night, for this instance, a small toddler bed will fit nicely next to their bed and not taking up too much space.

kid-sleeping-on-a-portable-toddler-bed-beside-an-adult-bed- (1)

B)  Most of the toddler beds fit standard crib mattresses. Toddler beds are convenient options if the crib mattress is available. A standard single bed require the additional purchase of a new mattress.

C) Another factor to consider will be the cost of the bed. For a toddler bed usually cost not more than $350,  a standard single bed cost more than $600 depending on its level of design and quality of the materials. Toddler bed can be used up to age 5 or 6 , therefore, it is a better investment if you can pass on the toddler bed to a younger sibling.

D) Toddler bed is always a very safe option as it is designed to sit low to the ground and usually designed with side security protection guard to keep him from falling out. Even if he has fallen off from the bed, he will be fine as the bed is so low from the floor. A small size bed may also give the child a sense of security to have a bed of his size, especially when he just transitioned out of his crib.

E) Fresh loud designed themed toddler beds are more attractive to entice younger children as compared to standard single beds which are usually of simpler designs. Themed toddler beds like fire engine bed, dollhouse bed, fairy bed or excavator bed. Anyway this is the only time they enjoy most in their childhood room making their childhood dream….. how about let them make their own choices?

Dollhouse bed new

Dollhouse Toddler Bed

Toddler bed stars

Starry Toddler bed


White unisex toddler bed

MixandMatch-Floor-1092 (1)

A standard single bed fixed with side safety rails and a wooden bed step stool.

The Elegant Ballerina

ballerina theme 1500



Inspire your little Ballerina

Ballerina themed bedroom is a little girl’s dream.  Decorate your ballerina bedroom walls with (1,2) Ballerina wallpaper or pretty pink paint, glitter and sparkles or ballerina wall sticker decals . Featuring new (3) ballerina duvet cover showing real life image of a ballerina with amazing tutu and beautiful crown. A freestanding (4) heart clothes hanger is a perfect furniture piece for your little ballerina to organize her dresses, shoes and accessories, get her ready be more independent at getting dressed for her dancing class! The (5) cute kids stars fairy bookshelves matches well with the ballerina theme. Add accessories like a (6) fun ballerina clock, rug, wall arts or (7) storage boxes at the room and make it complete. She’ll be dancing the night away!


Image source from HGTV – Grand Ballerina Room with Victorian Style.


How about organizing a ballerina kids party ?! Source from http://www.kristendukephotography.com/ballerina-birthday-party/


Nautical Room


Nautical decorating theme is one of favorite boys bedroom ideas. Here we have pick up some products from Piccolo House – Sail boat wallpaper , Patersonrose Mariner bed linen matches with cushions, bunting, lampshade and rug. A wooden boat oar decoration.

Fun nautical theme can always team up with seaside or beach vintage look. Red & white and blue are the classic color palette when come to this theme , it is cheerful, energetic,  Lots of ocean inspired fabric patterns, beach decor accessories offer great decorating ideas for kids room.



The serenity of the ocean is brought inside with life buoys hung as decoration.


An oar transformed into a curtain rod.

  nautical 2

 Decorative anchors, brass bells, cabin decor accessories, ship wheels, fish nets and ropes, canvas art, tote

bags and tall ships images are wonderful decorating ideas for kids rooms that feel adventurous and fun.


Patersonrose nautical themed cushions : From left – Nautical , Compass , Pacific Stamp

DIY Shelf

A DIY wall shelf with rope

DIY Name

A DIY rope name on a recycle wooden plank

 Sail away

Fabric & wallpaper from Harlequin “Sail Away” is a timeless retro boat design.  This design comes in 2 colour-ways.

Go fishing decals

If your kid’s room looked like this you would never get them out. Ocean giant stickers turn a simple painted wall into a whole new land of make believe, let the kids imagination go wild! Coming soon at Piccolo House

Lighthouse wall mural

For older boys, a real life lighthouse print out wall mural.


Pink and Black Glamour

We would like to share with you the project we completed for this glamorous tween girls bedroom. Inspired by Hollywood glitz , the owner wanted a glam room with fashion accents , she wanted to introduce black to the pink room and was thinking of  making  a statement with the combination. We started by choosing the right pink fabric to match with black, working closely with the owner on the window treatment , especially the ruffled valance at the window, the same fluffy skirting to dress up the white vanity . The room is undeniably girlish and fashionable. We are utterly satisfied with the outcome.

Room 1

We designed and built two castle storage units at each side of the room , add a cozy alcove feeling to this window seat. A crisp black with pink spot cushion gives the scheme a tailored edge. The owner selected a beautiful crystal chandelier as the center of  attraction for the room. And of course Piccolo House’s Emily Princess Beds and nightstand for the girls.

Bed canopy 2

The bed pelmet was custom made with personalized name, matches with soft ruffled bed curtains. We designed and made the distinctive , pretty castle shelved cabinets, deliberately created “window” opening for keeping the precious collection of the girls’ hair accessories.

Room 1b 700

We had specially painted pink for the knobs , scallops and the crown applique for the Emily chest of drawer, the contrasted design has made the piece of furniture truly girly and interesting. Our Victoria vanity is dressed up with the whimsical skirts, adding in more details with black rim ribbon around the stool and little ribbons onto the skirt.



Pretty in Soft Pink Room

Pretty in Soft Pink Room – We love how fresh this Pink and White combination for a girl’s room. Very soft and feminine without being over the top. Recommend Classic Emily Armoire with pink ribbon, Damask wall covering, Pink bean bag chair, Crystal Chandelier with pink shades, Pink vanity and Butterfly rug .

Colour Palette

Lovely color palettes for pastel pink room.

Room Corner

Multiple shade of pink combine with crisp white to create a warm and cozy reading corner in this girl’s bedroom.It is brilliant to use pastel green fabrics create interesting contrast.

Wall Treatment for Kids Room

Many people come to Piccolo House for wall decoration advices . There are few basic choices when it comes to walls : decorate them to make a dramatic statement, or let them act as an unobtrusive backdrop for  the furnishing.

If the room lacks architectural interest, you can create eye-catching effects with paint, wallpaper, decal or combination of the any two.  Your only limitation is your imagination and the time and money you have to spend for kids’ rooms. Many available methods allow you to create fun effects with no particular professional skills. Eg. Glow in the dark and glittery top coats, as well as blackboard paint that kids can write and draw on J

Wall Decals is an inexpensive way to decorate a wall. Your kid’s tastes are always changing, today it’s trains, and tomorrow it’s Mickey Mouse! Use wall stickers to keep up with their ever-changing world. No worrying about holes in the wall or peeled off paint, just remove and replace with re-stickable wall decals.

Wallpaper can add instant style to your child’s room and give you a headstart in developing the overall decorating scheme. Remember to match with the coordinate fabric curtain. You can easily mix and match them to create a cohesive look not only for the wall but for the window treatments and bed dressings as well. But don’t go overboard with mix and match prints. You want your child’s room to reflect his or her unique personality. Large-scale pattern print might be too much for an entire bedroom, you can give it to a feature wall and the rest of the wall with simpler wall paper design or plain painted wall.

Let our kids go beyond the paint and personalize their bedroom.


1. Pick a theme that will coordinate easily with the room’s other elements, such as bedding and curtains

2. Use a peel able border over plain wallpaper. As your child’s tastes change, you can simple replace the border.

3. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to take a small cutting of wallpaper or take photo of the design and print it out, have a curtain fabric cut-out and paint colour sample, tape or track it on the wall, this is the only way you can be sure that what you’ve selected will look the way you envisioned.

4. Always check the dimension of the roll of wallpaper and its pattern repeat, this is to ensure you will not waste too much excess wallpaper.

5. Use color effectively to enhance the perception of the space itself. Make a large room fell cozy with warm colors, conversely open up a small room with cool colors or neutrals.ImageImageImage