Storing Bedsheets in Singapore’s Humid Climate


Buying bed linen is always fun. You can find lots of different patterns, colours, fabrics, and prices for the pieces you need. Along with the many different choices available, there are also as many different ways of caring for your precious bed linen. Colours on our linen must be protected and fibers must be treated correctly. But don’t worry too much about how to care for your choices. Each piece of bed linen you’ll buy comes with washing and care directions. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS like your life depends on it.

Proper storing of bedsheets is also essential for bedsheets care. Store your bed linens in a dry, airy closet on shelves that let air through. Do not to stuff too many bedsheets and linens together. This will restrict airflow around them. Avoid leaving bedsheets folded up in a closet or packed away for very long periods, as their fabric tends to deteriorate along the creases. Remember to place some mild moth balls (if possible use herbal moth balls) when storing your silk sheets in the closed. Chemicals in strong moth balls can damage your silk bedsheets. Here are step-by-step instructions on what to do.


  1. Wash and dry your washable linens before storing them.
  2. Remove linens from dryer while still warm so they don’t wrinkle. If they’re already cool, put them back in the dryer and dry for a couple of minutes with a moist cloth.
  3. Make sure sheets are completely dried and aired before folding linens.
  4. Store linens in a cool, dark and dry spot and not under direct sunlight
  5. Use cotton, linen or muslin if storing your linens in a garment bag. Don’t use anything synthetic.
  6. Place tags on your linens or on the shelves in your linen closet describing the type and size of item you’re storing.
  7. Place a lavender sachet with your linens to keep them smelling fresh.
  8. It’s a great idea to have at least three sets of sheets per bed. Use one on the bed, one in storage, and one in the laundry.
  9. Rotate the sheets sets you use (vs. the sets you store) frequently so they wear evenly.
  10. Change sheets twice a week in hot and humid regions.

3 thoughts on “Storing Bedsheets in Singapore’s Humid Climate

  1. That is such a cute little room in the pic, anyway, thanks for the caring tips of silk linens, I also like silk linens because it’s kinda cold in the skin.

  2. Absolutely excellent complement to the bedding are stickers, allowing you to decorate a personalized way, as in this case, quilt designs brings birds and fungi and also can choose sizes and colors

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