Six Ideas For Decorating Kids Rooms

When it comes to decorating a kids room there is a different approach that should be used compared to that of decorating an adults. It is preferable that the kid’s room should reflect their own unique personality and not that of the parent.

For many kid’s their room is the place where they read, play games, listen to music, display or hide those prized collections of bugs etc., that they have, as well as to day dream or just to be on their own. So by using the six points below you will be able to decorate a kid’s room that will make both of you happy.

1. Why not talk to your child first. Find out what activities or games it is they particularly enjoy and what there favourite colours are then you can build the theme around their own unique personality. It is vital that you work any interests they have into the room design, as this will make them feel comfortable, happy and safe.

2. Allow your child to help with the decorating, especially relating to colours and materials for the room as well as how they would like to display any particular items that they have. But it is important that the design should be flexible enough to be able to change with the child’s every changing tastes, needs and desires.

3. Since most children use their bedrooms not just for sleeping, but for other things as well it is important if at all possible to set up several different zones within the room. If at all possible allow for a play area and an area to be with their friends (equip it with a radio/CD player or TV/VCR) as well as an area where they can sit quietly and read. You may even decide to put up a display area using either a wall or corkboard with their favourite photos and artwork on it and don’t forget the all important shelving for them to display items that they have collected as well as trophies that they have won along with anything else they want to show off.



4. It is important to reduce the clutter in a child’s room and you could do this by using shelving, large baskets (wicker ones), plastic see through boxes and have closets/wardrobes that have plenty of shelf and rack space inside.

5. When looking to decorate the windows keep the designs simple. Use shades, blinds or short curtains and make sure the fabric is versatile and the designs complement other items in the room such as the bedding, lampshades etc.

6. It is important to include both a functional light (homework and reading) as well as a more soothing form of lighting. If you need to include a nightlight especially for children who have problems with the dark and as a safety aspect, so that they can find their way easily to the bathroom during the night if they need to.

As you will soon see by allowing your child to have an opportunity to assist in the decoration of their room not only helps to display your youthful side but gives you the chance to do some family bonding with that child. However, remember to have fun when decorating and even though the design that your child has chosen may seem strange, there are ways that you can reach a good compromise.


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