Nautical Room


Nautical decorating theme is one of favorite boys bedroom ideas. Here we have pick up some products from Piccolo House – Sail boat wallpaper , Patersonrose Mariner bed linen matches with cushions, bunting, lampshade and rug. A wooden boat oar decoration.

Fun nautical theme can always team up with seaside or beach vintage look. Red & white and blue are the classic color palette when come to this theme , it is cheerful, energetic,  Lots of ocean inspired fabric patterns, beach decor accessories offer great decorating ideas for kids room.



The serenity of the ocean is brought inside with life buoys hung as decoration.


An oar transformed into a curtain rod.

  nautical 2

 Decorative anchors, brass bells, cabin decor accessories, ship wheels, fish nets and ropes, canvas art, tote

bags and tall ships images are wonderful decorating ideas for kids rooms that feel adventurous and fun.


Patersonrose nautical themed cushions : From left – Nautical , Compass , Pacific Stamp

DIY Shelf

A DIY wall shelf with rope

DIY Name

A DIY rope name on a recycle wooden plank

 Sail away

Fabric & wallpaper from Harlequin “Sail Away” is a timeless retro boat design.  This design comes in 2 colour-ways.

Go fishing decals

If your kid’s room looked like this you would never get them out. Ocean giant stickers turn a simple painted wall into a whole new land of make believe, let the kids imagination go wild! Coming soon at Piccolo House

Lighthouse wall mural

For older boys, a real life lighthouse print out wall mural.



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