The Elegant Ballerina

ballerina theme 1500



Inspire your little Ballerina

Ballerina themed bedroom is a little girl’s dream.  Decorate your ballerina bedroom walls with (1,2) Ballerina wallpaper or pretty pink paint, glitter and sparkles or ballerina wall sticker decals . Featuring new (3) ballerina duvet cover showing real life image of a ballerina with amazing tutu and beautiful crown. A freestanding (4) heart clothes hanger is a perfect furniture piece for your little ballerina to organize her dresses, shoes and accessories, get her ready be more independent at getting dressed for her dancing class! The (5) cute kids stars fairy bookshelves matches well with the ballerina theme. Add accessories like a (6) fun ballerina clock, rug, wall arts or (7) storage boxes at the room and make it complete. She’ll be dancing the night away!


Image source from HGTV – Grand Ballerina Room with Victorian Style.


How about organizing a ballerina kids party ?! Source from



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