Is there a hard-and-fast age that a toddler has to vacate from his crib? Are we going to put him in a toddler bed, sleeping together with parent in the parents’ bed or put him in a standard single size bed? These are common questions asked by many first-timer parents.

There are few clear signs that it’s time to change your baby from a crib to a bed, when he starts climbing or attempts to climb out of the crib and when he asks for a bigger bed. Most parents move their child from a crib to a bed when they are one and half to three years old because this is the time he starts to get too active to sleep in a crib anymore.

How to decide between a toddler bed or a standard single bed to suit your family needs?  Here’re some tips for you.

A) Is the child going to sleep in the same room with the parents or to start training him sleeping independently in his own room? Most parents feel that the child is not ready to sleep on his own and he still require their presence in the night, for this instance, a small toddler bed will fit nicely next to their bed and not taking up too much space.

kid-sleeping-on-a-portable-toddler-bed-beside-an-adult-bed- (1)

B)  Most of the toddler beds fit standard crib mattresses. Toddler beds are convenient options if the crib mattress is available. A standard single bed require the additional purchase of a new mattress.

C) Another factor to consider will be the cost of the bed. For a toddler bed usually cost not more than $350,  a standard single bed cost more than $600 depending on its level of design and quality of the materials. Toddler bed can be used up to age 5 or 6 , therefore, it is a better investment if you can pass on the toddler bed to a younger sibling.

D) Toddler bed is always a very safe option as it is designed to sit low to the ground and usually designed with side security protection guard to keep him from falling out. Even if he has fallen off from the bed, he will be fine as the bed is so low from the floor. A small size bed may also give the child a sense of security to have a bed of his size, especially when he just transitioned out of his crib.

E) Fresh loud designed themed toddler beds are more attractive to entice younger children as compared to standard single beds which are usually of simpler designs. Themed toddler beds like fire engine bed, dollhouse bed, fairy bed or excavator bed. Anyway this is the only time they enjoy most in their childhood room making their childhood dream….. how about let them make their own choices?

Dollhouse bed new

Dollhouse Toddler Bed

Toddler bed stars

Starry Toddler bed


White unisex toddler bed

MixandMatch-Floor-1092 (1)

A standard single bed fixed with side safety rails and a wooden bed step stool.


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