Prep Your Kid’s Room for Chinese New Year


We all know that the most difficult room in the house to keep clean and tidy is the kid’s room. With books, toys and colouring materials all lying around, it can be a headache for parents to clean up the mess. We have come up with a 4 step guide to help make things easy for you this CNY.


First things first, clear up the clutter. Get your kids to participate in the process of sorting out toys, books, knick-knacks and such.

As we know, children tend to be possesive over their belongings and often times they are unwilling to lose that possesion. So this involves some coaxing on the part of parents.

Tell them that you want to help find a ‘home’ for his/her belongings and to give away those things that no longer serve a purpose (eg. clothings that are too small), to some other children that need them more this Chinese New Year.

This helps to cultivate a habit of keeping the room neat as your kid will tend to bring items back to ‘its home’. Your child will also learn the meaning of giving, as CNY is a happy occasion of giving and receiving.

Method : Bring along 3 empty bins to sort the items together with your kid into these categories. To keep. To discard. To pass on/donate.

Time Required : 1.5 – 2 hours



We know how having an unclean environment can be detrimental to our kid’s health.

After clearing and sorting all the items in their room, it is time for a thorough clean-up.    There will be hard-to-reach corners that we might have neglected for the whole year while we were doing general cleaning. Places that trap dust are, under the bed, on the ledges of bed frames, inside toy bins and on books shelves. The surfaces of wall skirtings, electrical switches, lamps shades, soft toys and curtains are also areas where dust rest.

Method :

Always start cleaning from top to bottom. If you have a wall mounted book-shelf, start with cleaning that first before moving to table tops and floor storage bins. If you start cleaning from bottom up, there is a chance that the bottom layers that you have cleaned will get dirty as you clean the top layers next.

Remove bed frame and light furniture about half a metre away from the walls, so that you can get to the corners where dust is resting. Begin cleaning the corners of the room and skirtings running along your walls.

Wash dusty bins to the keep toys in a sterile environment. Sterilize toys in hot water to kill all the bateria, germs and to remove dust.

As for dusty soft toys, the best way to clean them is to wash them in the washing machine on gentle cycle . If you have little time for this, the next best thing to do is to use a clean damp cloth to run over the stuffed animal to remove any surface dust and dust mites.

Time Required : 3-4 hours


Now that your kid’s room is cleaned up, it is time to organise things back to where they belong. You can get your kids involved again in this process and ask them to find a new ‘home’ for these items. Make sure that you have sufficient storage bins and shelvings to house each of these items. For additional storage solutions, you can find our Sling Bookcase – Grey Star or the Clifton Toy Organiser. You may also want a dressing up rail to hang your kids new clothings for Chinese New Year. This can also help your children form a habit of preparing things beforehand by bringing out their clothes the night before.



There may be things in your child’s room that requires some freshening up for the New Year. We have a few wonderful suggestions to make your kid’s room the bright and cosy place-to-be.

We all know too well about the dingy beddings and curtains, that need to be replaced. Check out our range of fun beddings for boys and girls.


Kids love drawing on wall… we have no idea why. The headache that your kid’s artistic expression in crayon on walls can be solved simply by sticking our wall decal over, that is after you have cleaned the surface of much colouring residue and allowed it to dry. Wall decals are also a great way to freshen up your child’s room with an accent statement.


You may want to create some cosy corners for the little people that come to play with your kids. You can throw on a floor rug or bean bags that they can sit on. Another fun idea is to set up play tents for them to have their little party in it.


What’s Chinese New Year without some CNY decorations, right? There are always some cute CNY decor decals that you can buy off the shelves in the market. Or why not have fun doing DIY chinese lanterns or dog-shaped lanterns for this year with your kids using some coloured papers? It is a good way to spent some quality time with your kids. They are also easy to make and cost pennies.



Chinese New Year marks the start of a new beginning. Making all things new in your kid’s room can be an exciting start for the year. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to create that wonderful beginning in your child’s life this year.



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