Mattress Size Matters….Really, It Matters


Parents, we have very good reasons to show you this, before you move off to another article.

How many of you have made the mistake of buying a mattress for your kid that is not of a standard local size, only to find that the mattress didn’t fit your bed frame or that you can’t find a suitable fitted bedding? Don’t laugh it off just yet, because our many years of dealing with customers tell us this happens more often than you thought possible! Many parents come to us for help after facing the consequences.

So you may ask, shouldn’t there be a standard local size sold in Singapore? This is only half the story especially concerning children’s mattress. For some reasons, distributors, wholesalers and retailers also bring a variety of sizes such as European and US sizes to suit the needs of different parents especially expat parents who brought their kid’s furniture along. If you are not careful, you may end up buying something that didn’t suit your need in the first place.

There are a few reasons why parents would end up getting a wrong mattress (or bed) size

  1. Sales person selling the mattress together with the bed frame that is not the standard local size (which is not entirely wrong). However this may result in a lack of consideration for availability of suitable bedding and adequacy of bedroom space.
  2. Inexperienced in the area of selecting the right sized mattress and didn’t consider future use of the mattress after the child outgrows the bed frame or style. (That’s why we hope you read this.)
  3. Received passed down non-standard size mattress, only to realize it doesn’t fit existing bed frame or bedding.
  4. Bought from online store without considering required mattress dimensions.

Imagine being equipped with this information can save you some hassle and hard earn cash.


This article is not only for the true blue Singaporeans. Not forgetting expat parents who are living in Singapore, this will also be a good guide to the standard mattress sizes we use here.

We’ve also created a mattress size comparison chart to show the standard local sizes from other parts of the world and Ikea Singapore. This chart will also help you a great deal if you have future intention to move to to another country as you can use it to decide if you wish to pack along your kid’s bedding and leave.

MATTRESS SIZE COMPARISON CHART ( width and length in centimeters)
By Piccolo House

Mattress size table jpegb

* We provide this as a general information source only and we are not responsible for your decision and any inaccuracies.

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