Why not make it Super Single?

Emerson Single Bed  / Super Single Bed


There are more and more parents who are buying super single beds as opposed to a single bed for their young kids as they realized the advantages of having one. If your bedroom can afford that size, why not give your child the luxury of space?

The illustrated comparison below shows the difference in the sizes of a single and super single mattress placed side by side.


single vs super single

Mattress Sizes – Single vs Super Single


Just a mere upgrade of 16cm (or 6 inches) from a single to a super single bed makes quite alot of difference visually. Can you imagine the physically spatial difference if you were actually on the bed? This additional space does make a marked difference in terms of comfort not only for your kid, but for the both of you, especially during days when you need to ‘sleep over’ with your child to ease their ‘night terror’ episodes or when you are reading a bed-time story/singing a lullaby. She will also appreciate the bigger space when she has to share it with her ‘furry’ friends, be it stuffed animals or real ones.

Another good reason to start off with a bigger single bed is because your child will continue to grow and fill the bed. This is so true for boys growing to man… and we know how fast they grow during their adolescent days. Starting off with a bigger bed saves you the hassle to throw out the old and bring in the new. What’s more, it saves you some time and dime.

From the time they are 4 or 5 years old, through to their teenage years, is a good 12-14 years. In order to make sure you get a good quality bed that can last that long, here are some pointers for your reference.

  1. The bed frame must be made of solid wood and the supporting structure has to be sturdy too.
  2. This will ensure that the bed frame doesn’t give way after years of use.
  3. The design and colour should be classic that can last through the ages.
  4. Find a reputable company that specialises in children’s furniture who is able to give proper advise.
  5. Beds that pass safety tests give a better assurance of longer life span. Ask your retailer if their beds are of test standards.



Our bed frames definitely has all of the above pointers checked. We’d love for you to drop by for a some advice if you think a super single bed is right for your needs. And we are running a special promo for super single beds and bunk beds this GSS! Come visit us!





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